Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Ikester

Last week was our yearly Orthopedic In-training exam. It's a large standardized test for all the orthopedic residents in the nation and we are all ranked by percentile. It always brings with it a small amount of stress and anxiety. One afternoon just before the test I was in that state and studying when I began to notice a little face appearing and disappearing from around the edge of my laptop screen. Isaac was getting a kick out of himself and his little act. He would hide, and then appear suddenly (and often with new food on his cheeks and chin) with a smile on his face. I guess he could see his dad needed a light moment. Thanks little buddy.

Just some going ons...

I called on Brinley to say the prayer two days ago. She thanked Heavenly Father for her day, and for the food, and told him that she loved her daddy, and mommy, and big sista and little baby brotha and asked that none of us tattletale (I'm trying to quit but Maren does it all the time) and then asked for his help in eating her good food (dinner). Just a little history - she had missed her "treat" 2 nights in a row after not wanting to eat her veggies first. She was so proud of herself for enlisting the assistance of the Omnipotent in earning a halloween candy before bedtime. Maren and I exchanged that amused parent look and went on with our dinner-eating. A few minutes later I noticed that Brinley still wasn't eating her dinner, but was watching our entry way. I asked what the delay was. "But I don't see him, yet, daddy," was her reply. "See who?" (and then I realized) "Heavenly Father, daddy, I don't see him yet. Where is he?" ...I have to pause and say that at the time it was a sweet moment, and a good opportunity to teach, but now in sharing the experience I appreciate it so much more. I suppose those moments where I think I am doing such a good job as a dad, like instructing my little one on the nature of God and his methods of answering our prayers, it is really that sweet child that has taught me the definition of pure faith. Anyway, I didn't want to get all wordsy or make a futile attempt at being insightful, I am just thankful to be a dad.

Lainie sang her solo in Sacrament meeting today. As she sat up there during the opening of the meeting she repeatedly made eye contact with me and gave me here full on smile and wink. It was so obvious and everyone kept looking at me to see if I was seeing it. I was sitting there with a full bullfrog in my throat, hardly able to breathe (I was so nervous FOR her) .  I felt like I was going to be singing. And then she got up to the podium and looked at me (Maren was seated behind her with the primary) and sang the first line of the song to here daddy with that wonderful smile. She sang it out clearly and perfectly, absolutely nothing more beautiful to daddy's ears! Again, I'm so lucky to be a dad (and grateful that Lainie inherited Maren's musical abilities)

Isaac bit my finger today and poked me in the eye. Ha! He really is a little boy. He thought both were pretty funny, too. He gives us "five" now and enjoys clapping his hands, has started a little scoot thing (taking his time with mobility like his sisters), playing peek-a-boo, and of course still bounces or rocks constantly. He's a joy to be around unless he's hungry (and then it's more of a duty thing).

Other hi-lights from the week: It snowed here today, and it's supposed to snow more tonight. I'm hoping for one more good day this november because two days ago I started mowing the lawn for one last time (maybe more to pick up the 7 tons of leaves dispersed over every inch of our grass and flower beds) and it started raining so I have a half mown lawn. Looks real good. I was asked to stand in as Kylan Peterson (Danette) conferred the Aaronic priesthood on his son, Keion. Keion is a great kid, and it's good to have him in our young men's program. Danette was called into the young women's presidency and I laughed that this is the fourth YW presidency I've seen called since I began serving in the young men's here. Oh, and yesterday I had a few friends over for a little Madden Football afternoon. Maren even made cinnamon rolls for us so we could get our controllers all sticky :) they were yummy!

Maren has got me helping with a neat new little craft project - a little thing she learned from Sara Pullins, a good friend here and wife to one of our current ortho interns (Micah). I shouldn't have bragged to her about all the sewing I do in the operating room. It's bad enough that I'm the blogger in this relationship, but now I'm making crafts, too?! Sorry, I better go, I gotta go find where I put my man card.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

John Williams: An Acapella Tribute

I just found this fun link on a friend's facebook. If you want to listen to it you will have to turn off the music on the right side of the screen. Enjoy! -M