Monday, November 30, 2009

We were so "Thankful" to have some great friends as guests for our Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone contributed to the feast, including the missionaries who brought a pie (impressive). When we went to take pictures I didn't realize the camera was set to take multiple pictures, so we were surprised, and then we all let the creative juices (faces) flow. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thought I'd blog some random pics. the first took place about a month ago. Brinley came to Maren and informed her that she had just but a bead in her ear. I was moonlighting, so they met me and I tried to play the hero. Unfortunately, it was deep in there, and I couldn't get it with my limited selection of tools on hand. We took her to the ER and one of our ENT friends got it out with a small suction device. She was so courageous through it all.

The next picture is Alaina's school picture this year. I have to say I have some beautiful little girls!

Isaac has begun to show interest in hats. This one I picked up for him in the airport after going to an orthopedic conference. Doesn't he look kinda like the Sundance kid??

The last picture is one I posted on Facebook. Brinley spent a whole evening making card after card for me. This one she was so proud of, and knew I would "love it". It had footballs on the front, and on the inside, a picture of me as a little boy, with "lots of wax in my ears". Apparently that's what little boys have.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Pictures of our sweets!