Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok, I'm finally posting Isaac's birthday pics. I was trying to hold out and let Maren completely take over the blog dealy here. I guess I'll let her just ease into it. We celebrated our little man's first 365 days by starting at "Big Boys" for breakfast. How convenient. Isaac managed to heap a lot of sweet pancakes and scrambled eggs into his yapper, but of course, much, much more on the floor. He couldn't believe the cake was all his but he came around and began to dig in. I think the girls became a little nervous just then (perhaps wondering where THEIR cake was) because Lainie covered her eyes and ducked under the table, and Brinley yelled "No, No Isaac!"
Maren had me grab some balloons for him earlier in the morning. When I brought them out the birthday boy raised both arms to the sky, dropped his mouth wide open and squealed in delight. What a fun kiddo. He is seen sitting on his first basketball and hoop, a huge doodle pad that he had to fight his sisters for, and a spinning, bouncing, music playing zebra from Grandma and Grandpa Beckstead. Thanks to all for the fun cards and gifts. Isaac will write you later. We have been so very lucky to have him this year, and we are forever so grateful for his fun, loving personality in our family. Happy Birthday little buddy!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Little Chef

Why is there corn on a little red light? you may ask.  The other day I was making dinner for three starving children and famished husband when one of the wee ones asked for a few niblets of frozen, uncooked corn to hold her over until dinner was ready.  Perfect idea I thought and agreed.  A few minutes later I noticed a few kernels of the frozen corn arranged oh so carefully around the little red light on my stovetop that indicates if the stove is hot or not.  (For those of you without experience with glass top stoves, when my stove is on, a red burner light appears under the glass and starts cooking the food, a little like this little red light- but much bigger and hotter.)  I figured out that Alaina had indeed placed them there with hopes of warming her snack on the little red light.  Needless to say, it was taking a very long time, but she was patient and was eventually rewarded with two thawed kernels.  YUMMY!  -M