Monday, April 20, 2009

Some of you might know that I lived in Michigan before we came her for rotations in 2004.  My dad did his residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit around 1978 through 1982 (I think).  I, of course, came along with he and my mom then two of my siblings were born there.  When my mom came out to visit a few weeks ago she took us to the Detroit Zoo where she would take us as kids.  It was fun to have her tell me what used to be there and what was different.  This is a display showing significant events at the zoo when we lived there.  What a fun little walk down memory lane...although I didn't remember too much of it, it was fun to hear about things I did as a kid and to share that with my kids.

We love the Detroit Zoo!!!

 This goose really wanted to have a bite of the kids snacks.  
He got so close and followed us around for a little bit.  The girls kept 
calling it their buddy. 

We had so much fun with my mom here.  It was a difficult month in Dan's program.  He was home VERY little those two weeks, so it was a blessing to have such wonderful company.  We shopped, relaxed, sang together (mom and I sang a duet in sacrament meeting), baked, felted, crocheted, danced, talked, went to the childrens museum and giggled alot.  
Thanks for coming to visit Mom.  Thanks for sending her, Dad.  
When family comes the time flies by too quickly!!!

Just to add a quick note to Maren's post, she and her mom sang like angels together. It was so beautiful. They sang "Lead Kindly Light", one of my favorites stemming from mission experiences. Oh, and one woman in our ward asked Alaina if she was excited to hear her "aunt" sing with her mommy. Lainie said "huh?" She repeated, "are you happy that your mommy's sister is here visiting you." 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carolina on my mind

We were so fortunate to be able to make the short (10 hrs) drive down to North Carolina for Easter weekend. The girls were great cheerleaders (w/ coaching from Uncle Craig below) for Grandma Hiatt as she recovers from a partial hip replacement for a hip fracture. We were so impressed and grateful that she was doing so well with her therapy and showing resolve and energy in recovering. It worked out so perfect because Grandma Higbee (my mom) was there at the same time to stay with and coach Grandma in her recovery. We loved seeing them both!!

Uncle Kenny and Aunt Kathleen were kind enough to allow us to stay with them on short notice and were excellent hosts. We got a kick out of watching our girls play with the toys left over from 6 boys. Hey, I would play w/ barbie dolls, too, if they always drove in an orange camoflauged Hum-Vee decked out with multiple turret guns and missiles. The girls and Isaac loved their huge american bulldog, Cowboy. Despite what they said, I swear he is not a purebreed, there is a little horse in there somewhere.

We also were able to eat barbeque and hush puppies with Gma Higbee. We left Isaac napping at Gma Hiatt's house w/ Aunt Kathleen. When we returned we found Isaac walking across the room w/ a football in his hand and Craig and his family cheering him on. Apparently we need to leave him with family more often.

Below are also pics of the rabbit cake that Uncle Craig and family brought, an Easter egg hunt, playing with cousin Anna, and enjoying time with those we love but don't see often enough. We are grateful for all who fit us into their schedules w/ very little notice. We love you all!

A fairy tale ending...

I had to include a quick tribute here to my 'Heels and the magical ending to thier season. I pinched myself as I realized I was watching "One shining moment" live on the floor at Ford Field while the team celebrated and cut down those nets in front of me. It was an amazing experience that I never imagined I'd have. Thanks NC!!

I spent a little quality time with my mini-fans before heading off to the final game. After sitting for a moment with my arm around Alaina, I noticed Isaac looking over at her. He then gently placed his arm gently around her shoulder just as I had mine. (he also patted her back a few times) It was one of those sweet moments that makes a dad want to keep that job title for awhile.

I have to admit I found myself shaking with excitement (and just a touch of nerves) while driving to the game. I was so lucky to find a free shuttle at my parking site, which was about 10 blocks from the stadium (a long way even WITHOUT these lousy crutches). I met the Peterson's there and we got psyched to cheer our team on amidst a sea of 70,000 green and white clad fans.

Fairy tales do come true! It was only fitting that they would present "his Airness" Michael Jordan into the college bball hall of fame during half time. I even got high fives from the whole team as they exited. (suddenly I felt more like one of the 7 dwarves next to some of 'em)

And they all (except for those 70,000 in green) lived happily ever after...until next season :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

More photo updates

Here are more photos from March. My broken foot in a cast boot, Brinley Jayne, Lainie Grace, and more from Grandma Kristen's visit.

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Girl-ed Cheez Sandwiches"

Brinley: (while taking an oversized bite) "Daddy, I like girlled cheese samwiches"
Me: "I do too, Brinley"
Brinley: (looking puzzled) "What, don't you like BOY cheese samwiches?"
Me: (chuckling) "well, I really like grilled cheese sandwiches"
Brin: "oh, because you have two sweet little girls?"

News from our gang:
Dan: broke his foot...lame-o. Crutches are not as fun as they always looked. Starting 3 months of elective rotations before he begins his last year of residency!
Maren: Now has one more person to wait on hand and foot. What a great mom and wife! Also enjoyed a visit from her mother in March. It was nice since I was pretty scarce at home that month.
Alaina: Had an expansion retainer placed in her upper mouth today to correct a slight inequality with her jaw. Loving piano lessons and had rave reviews from her kindergarten teacher at recent parent teacher conferences.
Brinley: enjoying preschool and is recently growing out of most of her current wardrobe. Always a giggler. Continues to demonstrate her growing independence.
Isaac: loves to say "Hi", calls all animals and daddy "Daddy", says "momma" when he wants something important, uses "Dease" for drink and please. Has taken four steps on his own, now. Our goal is full walking by his 14 month day on the 6th.

Oh, and of course...