Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More summer faces and feet...

Now that I am a chief resident I get more hours at our moonlighting gig. It's really nice to make the extra money, but it also takes more time from being with the family. Luckily, I married a sweet girl who is willing to grab the kids and come and visit me. These pictures are from a recent visit to see dad at the MRI center on a Saturday. We watch movies, eat and go for nature hikes on the property. Lainie can put together some of her "collections" of birds' eggs, pine cones, flowers and acorns. Brinley can try to eat little inedible berries and touch every plant while asking, "is this poison ivy, daddy?" And Isaac can chase bugs to his heart's content.

I took Alaina and Brinley golfing with me yesterday. They were so cute as they would cheer for me after every stroke (whether or not I was happy about my play). They love golf, because it means a gatorade and a bag of skittles, not to mention a ride in the golf cart. I found this picture (below) of Lainie's feet, plus several more random ones. I guess she had my phone out at some point. I didn't realize she knew how to take pictures with it. She's growing up too fast, just look at how long those legs are :).

Oh, and I also included some of the noteworthy pics of me this summer. That's a 6.5 mm screw if anyone is wondering. I'm still taking it slow, wearing my cast boot most of the time (especially while standing all day in surgery). It looks like it is healing well, so (fingers crossed) hopefully I'm about done babying that stinking foot.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's crazy how fast summer is flying by.  It seems like yesterday that we were at the lake making smores with friends, when in actuality it was about 2 months ago.  We have been enjoying ourselves with travels to visit family in Idaho and Utah, picking blueberries/raspberries at spicer orchard, going to outdoor concerts, celebrating birthdays, playing in the sand, wading in the pool, fishing, riding boats and....oh, we LOVE summer!  Lainie just celebrated her 6th birthday, Brinley her 4th, and Isaac....well, we are celebrating because he just turned 18 months.  Hello nursery!!!  We wish we could hold time still just a little, so that summer would last just a little longer, and our kids would stay little a little longer.  -M