Sunday, June 7, 2009

Smores+wet, muddy lake+campfire+my family = joy

Thought I'd add a post after a long drought here. Guess it's been busy around here. These pictures were taken during an evening picnic to a small lake that sits hidden down a hill behind our church. You have to drive across the ball field, down a steep hill, and through hoards of easily offended canadian geese to arrive at a nice little grassy area with access to the lake. We were alone until a small group showed up in their canoe and caught some amazingly large delicious bass. One was 27 inches long--the biggest bass I've seen caught in person. Isaac and I actually hooked into a lunker ourselves. It was one of the biggest perch I've seen--probably in the 7 inch range. (Maren took pictures but you couldn't really see the fish...due to its size and all) That got Isaac going, though, he just wanted me to keep casting so he could turn the reel handle. It was fun to cruise the lake with him. Maren took out the girls but I got busy building a campfire with my little bud and forgot to take pictures. (I did get a mental picture, and they were really cute) The pictures below were taken with Maren's new camera. I'm not sure why the girls are attempting to inflate the frisbee with our kayak pump. I also don't know if they were successful. I haven't seen that frisbee since, so maybe they overinflated it and it popped. Isaac loved sitting in the camping chairs, and watching the fire (until it blew smoke in his eyes). We cooked hot dogs and smores over the fire. I am really not sure why they don't tell parents from the start to never consider smores over a campfire. Isaac's hair ended up eating more than his mouth. I love the QUALITY hours like these.