Friday, May 30, 2008

We had so much fun on Destin, Florida's white sandy beach over Memorial Weekend. We did so many fun things all in one day on the beach and had a BLAST. Wave jumping, swimming, bodyboarding, sandcastles, kite flying, seashell collecting, child chasing, sand eating (Isaac got a surprise faceful from one of the girls shoes which was being excitedly kicked off in order to hit the waves) , saltwater tasting, and sunbathing (especially Isaac--see below). And we realized once again that we are not those perfect parents you see around. We thought we were so smart to keep Isaac shaded all day under an umbrella with a blanket around him. What we didn't know is that Florida's white sand is like a mirror,  reflecting the suns rays back up at you. This can be wonderful if you are hoping for a golden brown tan on the under side of your chin, but not so much if you are trying to shade a baby. The short version--even in the shade, Isaac got a bad burn around his eyes, nose and forehead where he was not covered by his blanket. He developed some blisters and drainagethat night. Our hearts were torn apart watching him, even though it really didn't seem to bother him. He became swollen and his eyes looked like he had just descended through the birth canal all over again. Again, he just smiled through it all. What a tough kid! (he must be mine -- ha!ha!) I've struggled over whether to include a picture or not (due to the gruesome nature of it), but I think I will just to show what he's made of. I'm so happy to report that he is now healed, and hardly has any redness left in his face. 

The sand was so soft and fine! The girls couldn't get enough of playing with it, even after 7 hours!

Cap'n Lainiebugs turns the ship gently toward the portside and free of impending obstacles! With red splotches on our skin to show each spot that was missed by our spf-1000 sunblock (Lainie blocked her eyes with each application and had red raccoon-like circles around her eyes to prove it), we forwent the beach on our last day and went on a "dolphin cruise." The girls were so excited to see the dolphins that swim back and forth along the beaches. Turns out there is a literal swarm of boaters over memorial day weekend who like to throw anchor and drink various mood altering beverages on the very waters that we were to for dolphins on. We saw some sites, just no dolphins. The girls were disappointed, but loved driving the boat, and being out on the water.  Dolphins would've been fun, but I prefer watching our little sea monkeys anytime!!

We built three large towers. The largest, is Maren's so she can see over the entire castle and run the place efficiently. The wide one on the left is Isaacs and is seperated just a little so that when he is participating in knightly activities and rough housing it won't disturb the rest of the palace. The two adjacent towers to the right are Lainie's and Brin's. They are close together since they will have to share their collection of polly-pockets and other dolls in the middle (that room is off limits to Isaac). Not, to mention that they preferred it that way because "they are the best buddies in the whole world," according to both.  I have my own little blacksmith shop in the back (not pictured) where I can create all kinds of innovative orthopedic implants and devices that will pay for such a grand (and pricey) stretch of beachfront property

Soaking in the salt

 A view of Destin Beach

Well, here it is. Cause of tears shed by us (definitely more than by him). Looks completely healed now. Please don't report us to child protective services!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The rest of Maren's Mother's Day Card. 

Isaac's first haircut...ok, maybe just more of an evening-out of sorts. 

Isaac's first dip in the pool. He let out a little surprised squeal when he hit the water, then quickly adjusted to his surroundings. He was doing the backstroke after a few moments and then attempted a backflip from the railing. I had to stop him when he tried to throw in a triple sow-cow with a helicopter. It was a good start.  

Maren's mother's day card was made up of miniature messages from some special little people.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Isaac enjoys a little R & R poolside. Maybe we should call HIM the "Big Easy!" 

For Mother's Day we celebrated (Saturday) by taking the trolley car to downtown New Orleans, watching an Imax movie, then catching the ferry across the river and back, returning to the Audubon park via trolley car, finding a little lost duckling and trying unsuccessfully to locate it's mother before releasing it next to a pond (much to the chagrin of two little girls), and finally eating dinner at one of areas oldest burger joints. Oh, and topping that off with a cold stone creamery ice cream dessert. We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was Mother's Day and not Daughter's Day. Isn't fun, though, to watch your kids have a ball!?

Waiting for the ferry to return in their new sunglasses. Downtown New Orleans across the mississippi. 

On the Ferry, I suddenly realized what Lainie and Brinley were doing and sprinted to pull them down. They couldn't figure out why I didn't want them up there. I had to remind them that they didn't have their special floating "muscles" (as they call them) on. 

I just had to add this picture b/c I'm a guy. Enough said? This is the bridge across the Mississippi to the Naval base. I wonder where they're all going? 

Classic Brinley. She can get that swimming suit on in 6.3 seconds when she hears that we’re going to the pool. 

Brinley is fearless when Daddy is around to catch her. She will swim laps around the pool alone with floaties on her arms, and is currently learning to blow bubbles out of her nose. She refers to herself as the "purple ballerina ducky" while in the water. I proposed that maybe she could be the "purple princess ballerina ducky" but she shot me down. Apparently water fowl, even colorful dancing ones, are not allowed into the circles of nobility. 

We've been slowly letting the air out of Lainie's floatie-sleeves and she quickly makes up for it with extra paddling to stay above water. Is that ethical? Either way, she's learning to swim. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Isaac and I were grateful this shark was not very hungry - I mean, who would've taken care of us?
In front of the Muddy Mississippi ("Too thick to drink, too thin to plow...") watching the HUGE boats in downtown New Orleans 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We have had some requests for more pictures of Isaac, the beloved boy.  I say beloved because I don't think there has ever been a little brother more adored by his sisters (and parents).  Yes, we suppose it is arguable, but we won't waiver.  The girls have yet to utter a negative comment about this angel boy coming into our family and have been VERY patient and helpful.
Here a few snapshots of our day at Audubon Zoo.  It is a great zoo, located a few blocks away from the hospital where Dan works.  We didn't make it all the way through so we can't wait to go back.  

Brinley at Audubon Zoo, the petting zoo area

Dan and Isaac watch the monkeys...and mommy.
Alaina loved the turtles.  Can you find a turtle in this picture?