Monday, January 19, 2009

Some pics from our Christmas in Idaho, and Dan's Birthday

We were so grateful to spend time with our wonderful families over Christmas. I'm just so sorry it took so long to share some pics. It's been a busy few months! From top to bottom: 

Me and the girls on my birthday night. They gave me a much needed break from preparing a lecture for the next day. 

Alaina's new haircut with some rockin' bangs! (is that how you spell bangs?)

Aunt Rachel and "Brinners". 

Saying goodbye to some of the Beckstead Clan

Saying farewell to Grandma and Grandpa Higbee

Fun with the Higbee cousins (check out Isaac on the top one - Hee,Hee)

Lainie and Annie - Lainie and Brinley had such a blast with the Higbee, Stoker, and Campbell cousins