Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Princesses and their handsome prince ....SKUNK?!

 In keeping with tradition our girls decided to attend our ward Halloween party as...(bet you could never guess)...princesses. Lainie went as a beautiful wood-fairy princess, and Brinley as the more traditional Cinderella. They were both stunning to their father (and their mother did a wonderful job on their hair and accessories) despite my anxieties over them wearing makeup. I had tried to convince Maren that Isaac should go as the girls' prince charming, but turns out she purchased a costume for him last halloween while he was yet in the womb. I was skeptical of it, until I put it on him. He made the most handsome SKUNK I've seen. It was so funny to see him, because the outfit is bulky, hot, round, and has a hat that covers his entire head, but he absolutely loved it. He squealed with delight as I put it on, did his rocking-out excited spasm deal after I was done, and was content in it for the next 4 or 5 hours until I took it off. He never even acted like he was going to pull off the hat. The rest of our family just sat and laughed at him (actually WITH him) for the night. I hope he is always such a good sport. We took a few pictures before the party. They are a little blurry but at least show the outfits. 
One of the mothers in the ward, who has a son that is in Lainie's primary class, approached me during the party. She told me that her son tells her often that he would really like to marry Lainie when he is older, but is frustrated because Lainie tells him that she is going to marry her little brother. Funny how that makes me feel so good for now,  isn't it?! I hope she at least always feels like her brother is a decent guy :)
After the party, I was tucking the girls in (hi-light of my days) when Brinley asked my why I didn't dress like her "Handsome Prince Charming".  Rather than break the news to her that her dad is neither handsome nor charming, I told her that I just didn't have a costume. She answered that she was going to make me a costume. She said, "and I will put pictures on it of princes, and ....horses .... and ... BASKETBALLS! .... and ... SHOES! ... and ... JACKETS! ... and ... BALLS! ... and... ROLLERCOASTERS!" Apparently she has overheard Maren claiming that I really like jackets and shoes. I was so impressed at her thoughtfulness about things her Daddy likes. I can't wait to wear my Prince Charming outfit. 
Maren is not pictured here (as usual she was snapping all the photos) but she made a pretty stunning black cat. I have not, in the past, considered myself to be a "cat-person," but I gotta say....well...maybe I should just leave it at that :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Recent videos continued

My mom has always laughed at how, at a very young age, I loved to sit and rock in our wooden rocking chair. Apparently an affinity for rhythmic induced hypnosis runs in the family. Isaac is cuckoo for rocking, and he doesn't need to be in the chair, either. He is just as content to go into a violent rocking frenzy while sitting on the floor, in someone's arms (beware of head-butts), or my favorite, sitting in his booster seat while eating. When that one happens he  almost tips the entire chair over and usually ends up with food in his eye. He has taken my skills to a whole new level, and I must say, I am proud of him. 

Recent family videos

Isn't video such a great invention. I just had the hankerin' to show a little bit more of Isaac's personality. He keeps US laughing and we are so blessed to have him for 8 months now. Since the blog won't allow several videos in the same posting I may have to create a few posts to share these photos