Tuesday, February 23, 2010


is the time for us to start thinking about putting our home on the market. (Ah, the lovely housing market in Michigan.) We are really hoping to sell, not rent, for several reasons I won't belabor you with now. We are probably going to get a realtor, but in addition I have created a new blog (yourfentonhome.blogspot.com) so that if anyone has any friends (or enemies, haha. were open to either :) ) that are wanting to move into the area they can get a peek into our home to see if it would be worth coming for a visit. Even if you don't know anyone interested in buying a home right now, feel free to simply see a miraculous picture of what our house looks like when it is clean. :) I just wished it would stay that way and that I could keep the little kids too. It is fun to document what our home looks like so that someday when it isn't ours anymore (fingers crossed) we will be able to look at it with fond memories. The blog isn't complete yet. I am planning on including pictures of the downstairs, master bedroom, master bath as soon as possible. I'm SO sorry about the boring post. Thanks for any help or referrals you are able to provide. -M

ps-The picture on the top right side of the blog is a link to the yourfentonhome blogspot.

pss- Don't you love the sunny summer picture. I really, really can't wait for that time to roll around again! Does anyone else feel the same? I am thankful to have a few more beautiful summer months here in Michigan before we take off.


Judaloo said...

WAHOOOO!!!!! Time tosell. that can only mean one thing....its almost OVER!

claudia said...

Beautiful home! It won't be difficult to sell. That must mean that you are going to be "a bit" closer...Yes!!!

Gma Higbee said...

Your house looks so beautiful & so tidy. It always looks clean, but when a family lives there it's not easy to have it SO perfect, is it?

How smart of you to film it for advertising. We hope you find a good buyer.

GrannyJ said...

Beautiful House!!! I love it!

Auntie Anne said...

If I were moving to your area, I would certainly look at your house. I am glad you and your family are moving closer. It will be nice to see the children and get to know them.